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Media safety rules

media safety rules


1. Accreditations will only be issued once the competition rules of the competition have been read. Along with the vest, this is a valid permit to take photos and videos during the race.
2. You must be especially careful when working during the race. Your safety depends only on you – it is valid during the whole event: on the track, in the pre-start area, in the regroup, refuel, service area, etc.
3. You must unconditionally obey the requirements of the security services and the officials of the official competition. Any disregard of their instructions may result in the revocation of your accreditation.
4. It is forbidden to work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances during the race.
5. Bring only the equipment you need at the time. ATTENTION! View captured photo / video moments only in a safe place outside the track.
6. Never approach racing cars too close in the service area. Leave enough space for the mechanics to service the machine. Keep in mind that some parts of the car can be very hot. Also, always keep a safe distance from the race car as it may move unexpectedly.
7. Be especially careful when working near the track or in the mechanics area. A part detached from a race car can cause injury, so always keep an eye on the equipment nearby. Do not block the clocks at the start or finish of the speed section or cross the timing sensors.
8. Remember that only sports cars with racers and marshals can be in the pre-start area, everyone else is not allowed in the pre-start area.
9. Avoid standing near ambulances, firefighters, evacuations, marshals. In the event of an accident on the track, these cars will move very quickly and without any prior warning.
10. Avoid crossing the race track. If it is necessary to do so – choose a place with good visibility, make sure that the car of the participants, rally marshals or rescuers does not approach.
11. Be in the start or mechanics area only for as long as necessary to perform your direct work.
ATTENTION! If you notice that any of your colleagues or spectators are not following the security rules, discipline them or report their misconduct to the security services.
I have read the safety rules and promise to follow them. I understand that all responsibility for my safety or accident rests with me.
By completing this accreditation form, I grant the rally organizer the right to use my material related to the “7bet Gravel Fest Rally – Lazdijai” for non-commercial purposes without separate permission.