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Media accreditation rules


  1. Media accreditation in the competition “Gravel Fest Rally – Lazdijai” is issued: TV, press, radio, web portals, soc. network channel for journalists; TV, web portals, soc. network channel video operators; Web portals, soc. network channel photographers,
  2. Accreditation is issued to persons not younger than 18 (eighteen) years of age.
  3. The person applying for accreditation must provide the Organizer with samples of work proving his / her activities.
  4. The person applying for accreditation must provide the Organizer with a valid life insurance policy number. The policy must be valid during “Motorsports training and competitions”.
  5. A media representative working on the track must wear a vest issued by the organizer. A security deposit of € 20 is required for the vest and will be returned when the vest is returned.
  6. An accredited media representative may use drones or other ground-operated devices intended for filming / photography only with the prior consent of the organizer, and with the consent – unconditionally follow the rules for the use of unmanned aircraft of the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration.
  7. If a person has an annual accreditation of a media representative issued by the Lithuanian Automobile Sport Federation (LASF) – it is not necessary to send an application for accreditation to the Organizer, but it is mandatory to come to the rally headquarters, register and indicate the vest number (13.05.2022 from 1:00PM to 8:00PM & 14.05.2022 from 7:00AM to 11:00AM) in Lazdijai Public Library at the address: Seinų st.1, Lazdijai. The registration confirms that the person is familiar with the Media Safety Rules and Media Accreditation Rules of the Gravel Fest Rally – Lazdijai 2022.