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For your safety

For your safety

Rally observation rules:
1. It is safest to watch the rally in the intended spectator areas.
2. Always keep a safe distance from the track. Do not go behind the protective tape or fence.
3. Observe the signs “No Go”, “Danger zone”, “Danger area”, which, together with the safety strip, clearly indicate the danger zones and the minimum distance to be observed from the track.
4. Do not stand in the outer part of the turn, as well as in the sections immediately behind the turn and / or springboard during the rally.
5. Never stand below road level. In such places, rally cars often get off the road.
6. Never turn off the track during a rally.
7. Anticipate a place to leave immediately. Do not stand in the way of obstacles (fences, dense bushes, walls, etc.) that may make it difficult to get out.
8. Never walk the track during the rally.
9. During the rally, the crews start at one, sometimes two minute intervals. Even knowing this – keep in mind that during the race, the time spent between crews can be greatly reduced for a variety of reasons.
10. It is possible to exit the speed section (the speed section is open to traffic) only after passing the “broom” – the car of the safety marshalls with green beacons, or the green flag. It is strictly forbidden to move in the speed section until the “broom” has passed!
11. Never leave children and four-legged pets unattended during the rally.
12. Do not use alcohol, drugs or other psychoactive substances during the rally.

13. Strictly and unconditionally follow the instructions of the track safety staff, police officers and marshalls.
14. If you notice people violating the rally monitoring rules, alert them. If this does not work, report the violation to the nearest safety officer or marshall.
15. During the competition – never lose vigilance: always expect what’s unexpected, always try to hear and see the coming rally car.
16. Protect foreign property and nature. Take out the rubbish, do not scrape the crop, do not burn bonfires, do not damage the track property (signs, tables, panels, etc.).
17. Park cars only in the parking spaces provided by the organizer. If you park on side roads, leave the cars only on the right side of the road.
18. Any person who arbitrarily violates the above points is responsible for his or her own safety.
19. Event that due to improper behavior of the spectators, the organizer of the competition may cancel the speed section.
20. A spectator watching an motor sports event (rally) must know for his own safety the specifics of this sport and the responsibility of the spectator, which is provided for in the amendment to the Law on Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania:

During the event or competition, sports fans and spectators must be given the opportunity to get acquainted with the safety requirements of the competition. If sports fans and spectators do not comply with the established safety requirements of the competition and the rules of public order, the organizer is not responsible for the damage suffered by the spectator and / or caused to others.
(17-04-2008, No. X-1501, Chapter VI, Article 42, p. 5)